School Learning Program BHARDWAJ CAREER CLASSES:Class VI - 7 Year Program


Class VI - 7 Year Program


The SLP Program for class VI is a 7 year program which will prove beneficial for the student in maintaining academic records in school.

Dedicated and experienced faculties of BCC prepares the child right from the beginning for the forthcoming academic competition.




  • This course is divided into 14 phases, 2 phases in each year.

  • Subjects covered will be , Maths, Science, Social Studies and English.

  • We provide Comprehensive and well researched content material based on latest examination pattern.

  • Regular test series are conducted for assessment of the student.

  • Best preparatory tools to the students are given that includes Daily Practice Papers (DPPs), Daily Practice Questions (DPQs), Home assignments etc.

  • Tests of different form for assessment are taken such as Class test, Weekly revision test, Phase Test and Mock Tests.

  • Regular feedback from the students and parents are taken in Parent Teacher Meeting and student assessment report can be asked any time by the parents.

  • We aim at giving first priority to the welfare of the student studying at our centre. This is achieved by personal interaction and counselling on regular basis.


Opening Hours

  • 9:00 AM – 08:30 PM(All Days)
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