School Learning Program BHARDWAJ CAREER CLASSES:Class V - 8 Year Program


Class V - 8 Year Program


The SLP Program for class V is a 8 year program. Starting early will help in preparing the child for coping up the upcoming pressure and competittion in higher classes.

In a classroom program, a young student gets a very friendly and social environment and gets to interact with our experienced faculty that will help in developing the social and soft skills as well





  • This course is divided into 16 phases, 2 phases in each year.

  • Subjects covered will be , Maths, Science, Social Studies and English.

  • We provide Comprehensive and well researched content material based on latest examination pattern.

  • Regular test series are conducted for assessment of the student.

  • Best preparatory tools to the students are given that includes Daily Practice Papers (DPPs), Daily Practice Questions (DPQs), Home assignments etc.

  • Tests of different form for assessment are taken such as Class test, Weekly revision test, Phase Test and Mock Tests.

  • Regular feedback from the students and parents are taken in Parent Teacher Meeting and student assessment report can be asked any time by the parents.

  • We aim at giving first priority to the welfare of the student studying at our centre. This is achieved by personal interaction and counselling on regular basis.


Opening Hours

  • 9:00 AM – 08:30 PM(All Days)
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